Become an Invincible Star of Heaven Living on Earth

* Experience a profound personal connection to the Divine

* Align yourself with the flow of creation 

* Continuously radiate Divine light

* Live the life you never knew you could

Do you feel on a gut level what this would do for you?  Let’s talk.

"Anything is possible, and anything means 'anything'." — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

This program offers the opportunity to live, not just the life of your dreams, but a life that surpasses what had previously been possible. 

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they've ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.” – Jim Carrey  

If you’ve landed on this site, it’s very likely that you have already reached a certain level of attainment on multiple levels: spiritually, financially, personally, in your relationships… Overall, you’re probably doing pretty good.  

But here is a key question for you. If you were to sit face-to-face with God or Divine Mother or the aspect of the Divine who you most deeply connect with today, looking directly in their eyes… have you fulfilled the Dreams locked away deep in your heart, Dreams that you may not have allowed yourself to look at since you were little, Dreams from when you knew the world was yours, from before you learned what limits were? What would that feel like to you?  

If there were no limits, what would your goals be?  

Because, as Jim Carrey points out, there are dreams… and then there are Dreams. What are your Dreams? 

Consider this.

Everyone's Dreams are different, and your Dreams point you in the direction of your greatest fulfillment, align you with your Higher Self, place you directly in the flow of creation, and lead to you living the life you always knew you could.

Let's meet some folks who have been fulfilling their Dreams...

This is from someone 6 months into my 1-year Invincible Stars program: ”When I signed up for this course, I was confident that I would gain something profound, and I haven’t been disappointed. Halfway through the course, I’ve experienced significant and positive changes in my life, on the level of both experience and understanding. Wholeness is much more strongly integrated in my awareness than ever before and it grows stronger all the time. I feel more connected with the universe around me. As a result, I have found that my needs and desires are fulfilled more quickly and with less effort. At the same time, my understanding of my experiences is clearer and deeper. Life is more fulfilling and I am confident about the future. The course is accomplishing what I expected and I look forward to the remaining months and the continued growth it promises.” — H. Richard Gault, MD

From people who completed my 2 month Ascending to Higher States program: ”I can definitely say that the Ascending to Higher States of Consciousness has transformed my life for the better and even more than I expected. Instead of experiencing bliss rarely it is now a major experience each day. Along with the bliss I feel a divine presence that is guiding everything I do for maximum evolution. Negative and unconstructive thoughts are falling away and I am making much more constructive use of my time now. I am extremely grateful for this experience and feel very fortunate to have received it.” —D.M., New Zealand

"I am lighter, my meditations are smoother, stiller, clearer. My outlook has fundamentally changed, such that I am totally optimistic. I am over the moon with the awareness that I have had of Divine Mother during the course.... I have truly had a small taste of 'Totality' as experienced by my awareness of the Power and Omnipresence of Divine Mother, I am truly grateful - because it has changed my life for the better. I have been reflecting on what I was like to how I am and feel now and there is a Big difference.... I very much enjoyed my meetings with David, and the knowledge that flowed from him, the analogical tales. I just felt Good every time I saw David.” — R.R., England

”During our first meeting I had the very real experience of being completely held in love, strength and abundance - that I had no needs or wants of any kind - everything was present for me to freely receive. With this came the feeling of what I experienced as a loving, warm blanket being put across my shoulders and back that I could relax into and trust. Words tell the story but the experience of it was beyond them.... During sessions with David and Divine Mother, I was able to trust and experience more and more that God sends only Divine Love to me. This was an immensely personal experience yet there was a feeling that all life was contained within it.... The loving, gentle experiences from these sessions with David continue to grow and give so much support and guidance for my daily activities. I wake in the morning saying: Divine Mother come and play - let's have a wonderful day today!.... Thank so much David, this just gets better and better! All gratitude, happiness and bliss to you and Divine Mother.” — Dora Starkey, CA

The Invincible Stars of Heaven Program is designed to bring you closer to experiencing:

* Continuous connection to Source, Unbounded Awareness, Your True Self

* Angels, archangels, and/or other Divine beings of light helping and surrounding you 24/7

* Joy, love, and bliss

* Living in your own Heaven on Earth

Become an Invincible Star of Heaven  

This is a 1-year program. It’s not time-consuming, and I’ve seen those who participate in all weekly offerings grow the fastest.  

Some may be inspired to spiral up, and continue with this or a more advanced version of the program after the first year.  

This program is limited to those who are driven to skyrocket their lives, evolve into all possibilities, and have a vision for how to make this happen.  

This program is for those who know they cannot fail, because their entire life has been leading to this moment when they begin to receive the activated full universal support they always knew was there.