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Are You Frustrated Because You Know There’s More You Can Be Doing For Yourself, For Others And For the World?

If you feel like you’re doing your best to help change the world, but your best is still not enough, keep reading to discover the 1 thing you can do that is more than enough...

Even though you’ve accomplished so much and have a lot to be grateful for such as….

  • Your business and work life because it’s successful.
  • The people who work around you because they’re happier and benefit from the way your business works.
  • The people your business serves because your work removes disease, discomfort, hunger, pollution, or depression.
  • Your overall mission because you’re helping to correct significant issues in the world.  

… you still see so many circumstances you want to improve.  

After all, there’s a lot more work to do. There’s water pollution, starvation, poverty, disease, floods, droughts, climate, women's rights, animal rights, prisons and injustice, racism, prejudice, senseless wars, destruction of farmlands and forests.  

No wonder it seems no matter what you do, it's never enough.  

I can relate….

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Where Is This Coming From? Before I was born, my birth was predicted — twice. "He will do wonderful things for the world!” No pressure there!

When I was young, there were always unseen ones around me; I was never alone, and learned at an early age to always say ”we” rather than ”I”. Of course I didn’t understand it but it was clear from so many experiences I was not alone, someone was watching over me, and that was part of life for me.

In the 1950’s you could buy a bow-and-arrow set with a red-and-white twined string curving the painted wooden bow. It came with 2 wooden arrows, each with small rubber suction cups shoved on the end. Somehow I got one, at age 4 or 5, and removed the rubber tips and sharpened the arrows (easy to do) with my knife. Really sharp. Then I went out to play. Oh boy!

I went out to the middle of the street (we lived at the end of a sleepy cul-de-sac) and started shooting the arrows. One came straight down, hitting near the edge of the roof of our house. Then it fell off the roof into the bushes where I could grab it. The point I had sharpened was completely flat.

But I was shooting now, didn’t want to stop, so I just continued shooting.

A few shots later, I thought, "I wonder how high it can go?” I aimed it straight up, into the clear sunny blue sky and watched it soar. It was beautiful! Not a cloud in the sky, it went straight up for hundreds of feet. I was impressed. 

Then I watched as the arrow turned, flipped over, tip first, rocketing straight down. Suddenly I realized it was heading straight for me. Small kid that I was, I couldn’t figure out which way to run. So I just ducked. I arched my back forward, tucked my head between my knees, covered my head with my hands, curled up in a ball. And the arrow came down, full force, right into the middle of my shirtless back. Thud — then fell over. 

I looked up. There, on the roof of my house, I saw an enormous female form, just sitting. 

I picked up the arrow and realized that, had it not hit the roof first, the tip would still be razor sharp: it would have gone right into me.

No one was around at the time; I was ”all alone”. No one saw me, no one was on the street or looking out the window. My mother was doing laundry in our basement, my sisters were with friends. No neighbors or anyone anywhere nearby. 

But I was safe, I was all right.

Thank you.

It wasn’t the first— and it certainly wasn’t the last time the Divine Mother saved me.

Years later, reading the book, ”Return from Tomorrow” by George Miller — it’s one of the first books about someone clinically dying, having an experience, and coming back to life. As I remember, a young soldier named George had died in a hospital in Texas. 

Then Lord Christ (I think the person’s tradition may determine who comes) showed up, took him upwards to a room where there were several other beings, and there they watched his entire life as if on a film play before them. Lord Christ and the others watched with no comment or judgement, just pure unconditional love. George explained what they saw wasn’t from memory, though— there were far more details than he could ever remember. 

When it was done, Lord Christ looked at him and asked, ”What did you do with your life?”  

The author, having just been shown — along with Lord Christ and the others — his entire life, fumbled for an answer.  

”I became an Eagles Scout.”  

”That glorified you,” said Lord Christ. And the question remained: ”What have you done with your life?”

I was in my 40s when I read that. I was an advanced teacher of TM® meditation and had devoted my life to helping/ healing the world. ”What did I do with my life?” became my reason for everything: I always felt my purpose was to help heal the world.

But then my son came down with cancer (he was 13) and during the 10 months of more in hospitals than out, Heaven fell in on me in the form of Shiva, Narayana, Guru Dev (TM® Founder Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s teacher), Mother Mary, and others talking to me, giving me gifts, guiding events and sometimes even the car as we drove to the hospital.

I was taught to go for the highest, so when all this happened, I asked for the Divine Mother to Guide me because that was Who I thought was highest. 

That was in the mid-90’s, and She has Guided and helped me constantly ever since. And under that Guidance, we have created more than 500 Heaven-energy programs — we call them Quantum Energy / Personal Energy Signature® Enhancers™— to address every area of human suffering we could think of. 

We’ve created audio/video files, dvds, cds, photography and art, tinctures/drops you can take, cards you can hold or carry in your wallet, cards you can post on your refrigerator or wall, spray mists, stones you can hold, distance clearing and global clearing programs, large, expensive TV broadcasting systems that cover miles and miles, handheld devices you can fit in your pocket or purse that cover miles and miles.

We've created 1-on-1 programs, energies we can teach others to use, programs that have been played in soccer stadiums, businesses with 22 offices, small mom-and-pop shops, and individuals’ homes, programs that can be broadcast on radio or tv or in theaters or concerts, classrooms or prisons, hospitals or shopping malls. 

”What have you done with your life?” Not enough. Never enough.

Is that the way you feel?

"Anything is possible, and anything means "anything". — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This means we can create and live in the world we envision/want.

"The world is as we are." — Upanishads. Which means if we're stressed, worried, anxious or fearful, the world is too.

"The kingdom of Heaven is within." — Lord Christ. If we can access this within, the whole world will become Heaven for us.

"All experiences are modifications of the mind" — Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Means we can change our experience by modifying (changing) our minds.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” — Rumi. As Rumi realized, the most effective way to change the world is to change ourselves from within. 

"Curving back on mySelf I create again and again."Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita. We create from within — that is where our strength is, that is where all power resides.

It turns out the most effective thing we can do for the world is live in Heaven on Earth for ourselves and radiate that out into the world around us. The more people who embody living Heaven within, the faster Heaven on Earth is experienced and lived by everyone else.

This program is to create that reality in your life. All you need is clear, unobstructed view of reality and huge power to create what you think. We address both of these in our Invincible Stars of Heaven Living On Earth program. By changing yourself you can change the world for the better. Here is an effortless way to do that.

  • Do you feel your purpose is more for the world than for yourself?
  • Have you made sacrifices over and over for the benefit of others-- often people you don't even know?
  • Do you wish you could become a massive force for good for humanity?
  • Do you wish you could do 1 thing -- and have the whole world become better because you did it?

Do Your Lifetime Goals include...

  •  A Profound Personal Connection to Source
  •  Unconditional Love for All
  •  Becoming a Powerhouse / Lighthouse for Good
  •  Removing Suffering on Earth
  •  Or Bringing the World Into A Golden Age  

Know This...

The light on earth looked like this in 1955

The light on earth looked like this in 2017

The light on earth can look like this in 2020 *See below

The light on earth could look like this in 2035

* Each of the dots of light are communities radiating so much Divine light they can be seen from space. 

They could also be individuals! So bright, so much in tune / in sync with Source, God, Unbounded Love for All that their radiant Light can be seen by Angels farther away than the moon.

Developer of 500+ energy healing programs

So, right now — I’m in my mid-60s, thinking maybe 30 years to go: what do I want to leave behind? Here are my goals:

1) Empower 100 people to be Invincible Stars of Heaven who want the joy and responsibility of living and radiating a life of Divine Connection, peace, power, success and love all around effortlessly in their day-to-day life. This is my #1 priority. Do you want to be one?

2) Create 10,000,000 pockets of peace for individuals, families and communities throughout the world by giving away 10,000,000 copies of our most powerful downloadable program — a version that prevented hurricanes and forest fires and reduced crime — now updated into a powerful silent mp3 and video you can stream or download, 

3) Create 7,000 fields of peace for entire communities and regions by finding 7,000 people to take responsibility for the good, the safety and the welfare of their city, state, and country by using our most powerful Handheld program to radiate peace and harmony worldwide,

4) Clean up and restore the oceans to pristine balance, health and vitality by dropping 300 of our Ocean Purifiers strategically into the oceans around the world.

If these are accomplished, this is what the world will look like in 2035:

Can you see the benefit of goals like these? Perhaps your vision of a better world and how to get there takes a different path! And that's perfect. The Invincible Stars of Heaven Living on Earth program is to empower you so you can accomplish all your goals! So you need power, strength, love, bliss and a whole lot of joy — the qualities of Heaven that grow and expand every day on this course. 

Are you one of the thousands/millions who long for a world of peace and beauty and love — with a playful, delightful attitude as it happens? Because if you are, we share the same goals. And now, the possibility of fufilling those goals – of reaching our goals – is closer than ever. That's not just because of our work, but because of all the great work being done by so many around the planet. 

We've created a wonderful situation where a handful of enlightened, in-tune, aligned-with-Heaven people can direct the course of the entire world for good. In fact, (and again this is due to and in addition to all the great good work being done by so many), we are now in a position to train/enlighten 100 people, living their normal day-to-day life as a mother, business owner, clerk, bakery assistant, or whatever to become "Enlightened Rulers of Love and Light" – to effortlessly become so bright with love and attunement to Source of Source/ the Unified Field/ Unbounded Awareness/ Heaven within — your term of choice — that just by being here and living their day-to-day lives /your day-to-day life — lives filled with joy and light and love— the world can be as bright with Heavenly Light as the picture above.

Would you like to be one? Would you like to be one of 100 Clear, Attuned, Happy, Joyous, Fully-Conscious and Fully-Empowered people living Heaven on Earth, wishing well for the world who can tip the scales in favor of goodness, kindness, generousity, health, love, happiness, and pretty much everything good (and away from everything bad)?

That's all it takes – 100 people – out of the 7,000,000,000+ on earth — for the 2035 image above to become a reality. Are you getting excited reading this page? If so, you may be 1 of them. If not, wish us well; it's your world as well.

If the idea of being an Invincible Star of Heaven on Earth resonates with you, let's talk.

Do you know, in your heart, this will fulfill your life's purpose – or at least part of it?

Do you want to be a Lighthouse/ Spotlight filled with Heaven so bright you can be seen from Heaven? If you do — and if you are accepted — we can get you there.

My programs have worked for countless others. Is it your turn now? Are you ready?

This is from someone 6 months into my 1 year program: ”When I signed up for this course, I was confident that I would gain something profound, and I haven’t been disappointed. Halfway through the course, I’ve experienced significant and positive changes in my life, on the level of both experience and understanding. Wholeness is much more strongly integrated in my awareness than ever before and it grows stronger all the time. I feel more connected with the universe around me. As a result, I have found that my needs and desires are fulfilled more quickly and with less effort. At the same time, my understanding of my experiences is clearer and deeper. Life is more fulfilling and I am confident about the future. The course is accomplishing what I expected and I look forward to the remaining months and the continued growth it promises.” — H. Richard Gault, MD

From people who completed my 2 month Ascending to Higher States program: ”I can definitely say that the Ascending to Higher States of Consciousness has transformed my life for the better and even more than I expected. Instead of experiencing bliss rarely it is now a major experience each day. Along with the bliss I feel a divine presence that is guiding everything I do for maximum evolution. Negative and unconstructive thoughts are falling away and I am making much more constructive use of my time now. I am extremely grateful for this experience and feel very fortunate to have received it.” — D.M., New Zealand

"I am lighter, my meditations are smoother, stiller, clearer. My outlook has fundamentally changed, such that I am totally optimistic. I am over the moon with the awareness that I have had of Divine Mother during the course.... I have truly had a small taste of 'Totality' as experienced by my awareness of the Power and Omnipresence of Divine Mother, I am truly grateful - because it has changed my life for the better. I have been reflecting on what I was like to how I am and feel now and there is a Big difference.... I very much enjoyed my meetings with David, and the knowledge that flowed from him, the analogical tales. I just felt Good every time I saw David.” — R.R., England

”During our first meeting I had the very real experience of being completely held in love, strength and abundance - that I had no needs or wants of any kind - everything was present for me to freely receive. With this came the feeling of a what I experienced as a loving, warm blanket being put across my shoulders and back that I could relax into and trust. Words tell the story but the experience of it was beyond them.... During sessions with David and Divine Mother, I was able to trust and experience more and more that God sends only Divine Love to me. This was an immensely personal experience yet there was a feeling that all life was contained within it.... The loving, gentle experiences from these sessions with David continue to grow and give so much support and guidance for my daily activities. I wake in the morning saying: Divine Mother come and play - let's have a wonderful day today!.... Thank so much David, this just gets better and better! All gratitude, happiness and bliss to you and Divine Mother.” — Dora Starkey, CA

If you feel drawn to any of the ideas or goals we've listed above, if any resonate with you in any way, click the link above and let's talk.

4 Years My guess is we can accomplish these goals in 4 years!

The Invincible Stars of Heaven Program

Here's What You Get: 

  • ”All Heaven Fell In On Me” if you are part of this program, that will happen.
  • Continuous or near continuous connection to Source, Unbounded Awareness, the Unified Field, Atma, Your Own True Self, Who You Are
  • A group of angels, archangels, and/ or other Divine Beings of Light helping and surrounding you 24/7
  • Bliss, happiness, joy, and love 
  • Love for all God’s Creation: unconditional love for all, for everything
  • Living in Your own Heaven on Earth

Note: not everyone will accomplish these goal in the 1st year of your Invincible Stars of Heaven program; for some it may be necessary to repeat the program or take a more advanced version. If that is the case, you will be told when we talk (see the link below). Then, if you are accepted: this could be your life within a few short years. 

Become an Invincible Star of Heaven We are offering a 1 year program to you to ensure your alignment, attunement, and purpose are achieved; to raise you to cosmic status.

This program is limited to already-successful individuals used to wielding positive influence all around them. This premium program is not time-consuming: most of the work is done at night while you sleep. Everything else is optional; the extensive follow-up program is recorded, but maximum benefit is achieved being on the weekly calls. Those who attend all the calls will grow the fastest.

Once you've seen your intentions for forest fires to end, floods to abate, violence to vanish, or any other well-wishing manifest and show up in the news on the opposite side of the country from you on the same day you wished for it, you'll know just how powerful this program is, how far you've come, and how powerful and influential you are.

Can you think of others — family, friends, strangers— you feel should know about this program? Who might be drawn to it for themselves, or who will be inspired or uplifted by it, or who it will give hope to? If so, I encourage you to send them the link, or tell them to look up InvincibleStars.com. It's good news that the world is in such a great place now. Let's uplift everyone.

And if you feel it is for you, welcome. Contact me, let's talk, and see how this works for you.

Program Already Started: The official start date was March 30 this year (2018) and are experiencing great results. We'd love to have you join us; click here to find out more

You could be an invincible spotlight like this – radiating Heaven to yourself and all those around you with everything you do and every breath you take