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Invincible Unshakable YOU 

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At the basis of all of one's problems—physical, emotional, or financial, everything—is a restriction in the flow of energy from the Unified Field of Consciousness/ Source into the expression of your individual life. 

Perhaps whatever is holding you back, causing you frustration, discomfort or pain, embarasses you, lack in any area of your life can be fixed.  

Would you like to find out?

When we fix that, you become invincible, unshakeable in any circumstance. That's why we call what I do Invincible Unshakable YOU Core Healing.

There is a core within you of energy and power and intelligence and it flows from the source into physical form and manifests within you, shows itself within you, and how you interact with the world—what works for you, what doesn’t it work for you. 

When you go to the gym and they talk about building your core, they’re talking about building the physical structure. Think of it like the trunk of a tree--people can build the trunk of the tree to be very strong but if the sap cannot flow through the trunk of the tree, no energy, no nourishment gets to any of the branches or the leaves or can produce healthy fruit. 

The fruit refers to different aspects of your life, the results and the details of those different areas.

While one can meditate and it is like watering the root of a tree, if the sap cannot flow, if it's blocked or drained off, then it never reaches the branches and leaves and fruit.

How can sap (energy and intelligence) flow through a dried, cracked, unnourished trunk? 

How can Source nourish all the aspects of your life?  

My work fixes the channels for the "sap" to flow through you. Blocks which weaken this flow of this sap can be due to past impressions, past lifetimes for those who believe, and old wounds, deep scars of any kind—physical, emotional, mental. This can be due from something that happened in childhood, a trauma or someone broke your heart, or from having fallen and broken your knee. Just as a message carved on a tree can endure for years and years, that is an area where the sap cannot flow.

If you stop blood flow to a part of your body, what would happen? What we do is to restore the flow in areas of your core where there are gaps and ruptures in the energetic flow from the Unified Field of consciousness.

My eight session package restores the complete flow of the sap from wholeness unbounded source so that it flows through you, heals your body and heals your emotions, and fixes those areas of your life that are not to your satisfaction: wealth, romance, health, friends, physical integrity, anything. 

In the days and months following this treatment, up to 90% of your concerns can be healed, can disappear. Just as all of the problems of the leaves of the branches and of the fruit can be healed when the proper nourishment flows through the trunk and reaches them.

Heal money issues, health issues, relationship issues, emotional traumas, clear blocks, business coaching

Kerry Chun, Certified Master Healer, Certified Instant Miracle Coach, Certified Ultra High Frequency Energy Healing Master, Peace Process Master, Thrive Business Coaching, Extraordinary Coach, and Colorpuncture Practitioner Kerry could be just who you're looking for to help you strengthen, ignite and unlock your Energetic Core so that you can live your best life ever.

"a delightful, loving, caring health and success coach, healer, fixer, and so much more.

"I can’t believe we’ve only had two sessions. I feel like already so much has shifted and changed in just this short time." --R.C.

"I've now had a number of private over-the-phone-sessions with Kerry. She is in one word, REMARKABLE. Kerry is a highly gifted healer who delivers the goods, BIG time. Her Divine Connection is undeniable! I am getting results for a unique and specific ailment that affects my eyes, and during the session I am overwhelmed with the experience I have, and it continues giving me a core strength, energy, quiet. If you knew me, you would then know the significance of what I say. I am simply - straight up. She is a also a great delight of a person." --J. Cless

I'm so excited to help you become the best YOU ever!