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The more you play this the better the results Play this video round the clock for best results.

For Maximum Effect Share with your family, friends and co-workers  

Keep your sound on For best results – even for the silent version.

Play this all the time In the background on your laptop or computer! You can still work on your spreadsheet, text, write, or almost any other program while this is playing — even watch other videos.

"The moment I turned it on, I felt so much peace and serenity come over me, I cannot describe the feeling in words." —P.A., United Arab Emirates / Australia

Benefits Accumulate "My boss hated me and tension ran high at work. I ran this program in the background on my computer 24/7. Within 6 weeks my boss loved me and the change in the office was better than I could ever have imagined." — B.B., England.

"If more people on the planet would take part in using this technology, the current dire situation in our world would improve in no time." —P.A., United Arab Emirates / Australia  

Not subliminal A true new scientific breakthrough: it really works! (Based on quantum physics)